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The Top 5 Money Savers

Eliminate Bad Debt & Leverage Good Debt

Our Mission

To educate all individuals on responsible stewardship by teaching Common Sense Financial Literacy through Leveraging Resources, Budget Creation, Credit Management, Homeownership, Generating and Preserving Wealth for future generations. 


Our Reason For Doing EMPOWERSS

We learned the hard way that proper money management is more crucial than merely just having money.  We continued paying off debts only to run them back up due to lack of discipline.  We were paying out more than we were keeping.  We were arrogant and thought because we were college educated, living in suburbia, had great credit and made a 6 figure income that we were financially stable.  However, The Great Recession of 2008 gave us a swift reality check.  We were over leveraged in our mortgage and auto payments, had no savings and after maxing out our credit cards it was apparent that we were unable to sustain our lifestyle. 


So in March of that year we filed Chapter 7 Bankruptcy with Foreclosure and handed over the keys to both of our new cars.  We had 30 days to purchase a vehicle cash and find an apartment for us and our 4 month old son.  Our bankruptcy taught us to be good stewards over our finances and forced us to live within our means.  It has been an amazing journey where we have learned to trust God with our finances.  Therefore, we are not ashamed of sharing our bankruptcy story.  In fact, we refer to it as our Bankruptcy Blessing.  As a result, we have been fortunate to do the following:

·     Operate off a cash budget

·     Leverage good debt

·     Become homeowners again

·     Increase asset protection

·     Reduce work schedules

·     Save an emergency fund

·     Invest in retail stock/crypto

We changed our mentality toward money by recognizing that God is our provider and money is a tool.  Every financial decision we’ve made, especially our poor choices, led to the establishment of Economically Minded People Overseeing Wealth Enthusiastically Reaping Sown Seeds in 2013.  Through EMPOWERSS we teach families Common Sense Financial Literacy. 

Alieyh & Marcus

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